How would you rate President Bola Tinubu’s one year in office?

My administration will enhance Nigerians’ quality of life — Tinubu

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President Bola Tinubu has assured Nigerians that the current administration under his watch will enhance their quality of life.

The President gave the assurance in Abuja on Monday during the inauguration of Outer Southern Motorway,  when he said what is unfolding in the Federal Capital, in terms of infrastructure delivery is a testament of what can be achieved by government’s renewed hope agenda.

President Tinubu who was represented by Vice President Kashim Shettima, called the FCT minister Barrister Nyesom Wike, is a force of nature for constructing the road and for redefining the meaning and concept of modern leadership in Nigeria

He said; “I reaffirm my administration’s dedication to enhancing the quality of life for all Nigerians. What is unfolding in the federal capital is a testament to what can be achieved by government’s renewed hope agenda of quality transformation of the FCT and indeed Nigeria.

“Issues undertaken hold profound significance for the FCT and its residents, a function of the Outer Southern Motorway will not only alleviate transport congestion and improve transportation but will also stimulate economic growth and create opportunities for prosperity.

“With the addition of 4 Interchanges, we are enhancing connectivity and accessibility, making it easier for residents and visitors alike to navigate our beautiful capital city.

“I will therefore, once again commend the FCT Minister ENW and his remarkable team in the FCT for his visionary leadership and tireless dedication to the upliftment of our capital city. Wike is a force of nature,
Wike is redefining the meaning and concept of modern leadership in Nigeria.

“The President is mightily proud of you, for your dedication, for your persistence, for your courage, and the will to do good. I think you deserve to stand and take a bow. Under Wike’s leadership, we have witnessed stride in infrastructural development, urban planning, and sustainable growth in the nation’s capital.

“Under Wike, we have proved to the world that what counts is leadership, and what this nation needs is quality leadership. The completion of this motorway extension is not merely a piece of engineering but a testament to the power of collaboration and partnership.

“It is a shining example of what we can accomplish if we work together towards a common goal, transcending political divides and personal interest of the greater good of our nation.

“As we admire the basic infrastructure before us, let us not forget the, countless hands that have laboured tirelessly to bring this project to fruition, We owe them all some gratitude. As we celebrate the commissioning of this project, let us also remember that our work is far from over; there are still many challenges to overcome, and many more opportunities to explore, but with determination, perseverance and a sense of purpose, which is clearly evident in the FCT, there is no limit to what we can achieve.”

Earlier, the FCT minister, Barrister Nyesom Wike, had thanked the President and those who supported home to complete the project.

He said; “Those of us who have stayed in Abuja for some time will know how bad it was. This project was awarded in 2013. For eleven years now, we have been battling how to make life easy for our people. That is why the whole essence of the ‘renewed hope agenda’ is that we will make you feel comfortable, and bring back your hope, and this is what we are doing today. Mr president said, that every project I completed must be completed, and I thank God almighty that we are doing that today.

“I thank Mr president and his team for all the necessary support that he gave to us.

“The cost of this project as At when it was awarded was 39.8bn but in 2021 it was revised to 59.9bn and it was not easy, knowing fully well what we do. Under the TSA it was very difficult for us to have finished this project.

“By Mr President allowing us to pull out from this TSA, it became easy for us to access funds and pay contractors. In fact, I can tell you that the confidence contractors now have is that most of them run back to us, we know you will pay, and give us job, that is confidence.

“As far as I am concerned, this road partly is being funded by Sukuk, so I want to thank my dear sister, the DG of Debt Management Office. She has supported us, and each time I call her on phone, morning, afternoon, and night, we have never lacked the funds to pay the contractors. Let me also say this, this achievement would also not have been possible but for the robust corporation, relationship we have with the National Assembly Leadership (NASS).

“I don’t know anymore minister that is very lucky than me and my minister of state, I don’t know. I have 24-hour access to leadership of the NASS, so we are lucky that we don’t have any problems. The two chairmen or the four chairmen of the area councils and the two chairmen of the FCT committees, we have never had any issues with them. They have never given us problems. In fact, all they have done from day to day is to ask, Mr Minister what do you want, which assistance do you want us to give to you and they always do it.

“We are doing well because we have Mr president giving us support and the NASS giving us support.

“I can assure you it’s not only on road infrastructure, go and see what is happening in education, we are trying to see that all our school that are bad are rehabilitated and that’s what’s it’s supposed to be we are also going to health sector. Before December Mr president will invite you to commission not less than 75 kilometers of the area council roads, which have never happens before. Why people are having hope back is because before they only hear about government but they don’t see the impact of government but with the renewed hope agenda they have known really  government exist, they can feel the purse of the government.”



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