Security: Perspective, Too Short, Too Long ( I ) – Isaac Olusesi

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Busied away in Abeokuta, Ogun State on press assignments for several days now, and on my arrival, my attention was drawn to a viral writing, captioned: ‘Insecurity Has Returned To Osun Big-time Under Oyetola,’ credited to one Dr James Adeloye of Obafemi Awolowo University, Ile-Ife.

The contrasting thing is that Governor Gboyega Oyetola has got the ball past his opponents and into the net, several times over, with forward advance by the Osun State public administration super brat in the direction of more goals, still in this dispensation and, comes the next dispensation of his mandate.

Oyetola’s scoring dexterity or agility has placed him in the warmth embrace of the populace; the goals, the achievements, clearly itemized elsewhere by me and for which Oyetola gets honour, respect and tons of gratitude from the governed, going by their impressive turn outs and discourses, exchanges of ideas and thoughts at the Oyintiloye #OsunCivicEngagement blitzes effectively across the state.

The public admiration, gratitude is a statement but worrisome to Oyetola’s critics, hanging in the air the opponents’ nemesis and their agitations’ nightmare, with the confluence or nexus between the nemesis and nightmare as nightmarish, worst assaulted by the petrifying air of decay.

Out of the decay came certain Adeloye’s writing or perspective, trying to do a note of security comparison on the reactionary Olagunsoye Oyinlola vis-à-vis progressive Oyetola and Rauf Aregbesola, but the perspective has only juxtaposed the sublime and the ridiculous, the legitimacy and the illegitimate.

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The perspective’s reference to the recent Iragbiji bank robbery must be that neither did Adeloye pant nor fret, not even with any wampum, beads of perspiration formed on the tip of his nose, if his perspective, terse, no-frills inaugural paragraph: “If Oyetola cannot protect his hometown, (Iragbiji), how possibly can he protect the state?” is anything to go by. Yes, it is! And it’s instructive to know where Adeloye’s security concern ends, and his politics begins.

The perspective, lazy piece of writing all day, doing precious nothing, is too short on the high points of the extant security architecture in the state, but too long, painting Osun as a metaphor of horror of a sort, an unbridle ambition on blackmail and obtuse logic to put a wedge against Oyetola, the incumbent Governor and hang the albatross on him. But the Governor is visibly ‘mad’, driven mad, apoplectic or chess off at any profanation or violation of security of life and living in the state. The bank robbery, its pains.

The Osun progressive government (2010 – to date) is practically ‘mad’ over demolitions to give the right of way to the increasing vehicular traffics in Osogbo, state capital that continues to permit the execution of the Osun Development Agenda, ‘maddening’ to carve timeless niches, with the winds of history strolling through the boughs, singing to the progressives. Not laughing at them. Being ‘mad’ is not casting any aspersion on Oyetola or Aregbesola. “No great genius has ever been without some madness,” according to Aristotle (384 – 322 BCE). John McEnnoe, the left-handed lawn tennis legend or Illie Nastase was nicknamed ‘Nasty’ because he was a genius on the court

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But the perspective rather as put: “This is another indication of squandering the enviable and incomparable legacies left to him (Oyetola) by Aregbesola,” is writing silly, with impact, not a distant echo. Unblurred. Unbleached. Hun! A figure, nickel- an- dime thrown at Adeloye and pocketed!

Flashback! A gang of armed robbers, nefarious characters in the daylight, reportedly unmasked and in apparent demonstration of the primitive times past when might was right, walked leisurely through a commercial bank’s swivel doors, reportedly, reached for its vault, the strong room and pulled the trigger; and like the enactment of Nollywood make-believe scenes, the robbers banged on the Divisional Police Head-quarters in the area, saluted the officers with gun shots that gave meaning to ‘gestapo’.

The robbers hitched their mission to a straw cart, so rudely, so crudely, so cruelly, so brutally and mowed down the police officers in cold blood. In a huff, the bank robbers out witted the police and pegged off the blood soaked nooks and crannies of Iragbiji, leaving tears behind in Boripe local government area of the state.

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But the blood of the dead flowed for emphasis. And for the emphasis, Adeloye, who has his ear en route his stomach, with his itchy pen, spinning on the imaginary politics of division in the governing All Progressives Congress (APC) crashed on the APC – Oyetola government like a pig intruding on an opulent living room. The perspective spat mucks in the bearing or compass point of a clean slate – Oyetola – to rattle the government insistently with noisy sponsored vengeance, nurtured dizzy to make a joke of the good taste of Osun government and set the government on edge.

Neither the perspective nor its sponsorship could affect the enthusiasm, excitement of the Osun governed towards Oyetola, his government and party.

(To be continued)

OLUSESI is Assistant Director, Directorate of Publicity, Research & Strategy All Progressives Congress (APC) State of Osun



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