Security: Perspective, Too Short, Too Long (II)

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(Continues from last edition)

The perspective, malicious and parochial, turned all the arsenals of blame for security infringement on Oyetola, the Osun public administration maestro. The opposition brain box must have reached for their rucksack and pulled out Adeloye, a trick that wrongly put up the dunghill: “Bank robbery and insecurity of lives and property have been the defining characteristics of the Oyetola administration.” Arrant! Odious! What a run – down perspective?

Despondently, Adeloye has not brought any intellectual panache to the understanding of security malefactions, or crime prevalence in any society. How? Metaphorically, the journalist, not minding his non-engagement opts for writing relentlessly, believing it is better than stealing while his colleague journalist in same conditions rather takes to cybercrimes to survive. Are not the two of the same nation society, global in terms, or why is it that some would not commit crime, no matter the hardship? While there’s a natural penchant in some to act on the other side of the law in the same global society.

The decadent global society can only breed decadent inhabitants, found in all sorts of crimes. It’s not Oyetola, but the global society that prepares crimes, the best inviolable security gadgets notwithstanding. Again, it is not Oyetola, and he has not shirked his responsibility of providing adequate security for peaceful cohabitation and legitimate business transactions in Osun. The state APC government can not be stampeded into any dilemma brought about by the inherent security contradictions of the global society.

And even then, on security in particular, the Osun APC government is evidently striking a good, enviable balance between dispatch and delay, with the government not wanting to be hated for decisiveness or ineptitude. Oyetola, with his cabinet, is a wise man of laudable thoughts, making haste slowly when and where it expedient; and he has not been rattled for a moment or found wobbled off the track to have made the ilks of Adeloye get any alibi to hate Oyetola for indecent haste or lethargy.

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Adeloye on Osun security has drawn my flak, ire and I hate his repulsive perspective every inch, intensely. The perspective dereliction, vagrant, not imbued with any canon of justice, has failed to do what should be done to move the wheels of Osun forward, and it has not helped the governing Osun APC either at a time like this.

Rather than acknowledge the Oyetola immense state-wide achievements that speak volumes of the heroism and courage of the conscientious man at the helms of the state affairs, the perspective, stinking, has only evoked highly impeachable arrogance, dripping wet with the ‘patriotism’ of the opposition pride and intoxicated by the heady wine of ruination, with the perspective, its sponsorship as effective as a road block mounted by an army of rats. “All men that are ruined,” cautioned Edmund Burke, “are ruined on the side of their inordinate propensities.”

Mr Perspective, listen here! In politics, the more you look, the less you see except one is initiated. Politics is about two magicians ‘fighting’ and the innocent spectators, the uninitiated, the Adeloyes around, the crowd, get confused more than ever. Politics, like magic, is more oft- soaked in confusion – so weird, so bizarre, so incongruous, so unimaginable, off- the -wall; and politics is the act of ‘winner- takes- all,’ the art of imprecision, inexactitude and roughness.

Not so in Adeloye’s academic constituency, going by the OAU address he dropped. It is ‘winner – shares – all’ in ivory tower. How? An hypothesis, upon test of validity by a particular ‘winner,’ the researcher, becomes a theory, a body of knowledge, but to share, leading to further researches by interested researchers to regenerate expanded knowledge, that travels faster than the researcher. Meaning here, the more you look, the more you see, prompting clarity, not confusion; precision, not imprecision; and knowledge, not ignorance. Much unlike in politics.

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Adeloye also needs to peel the wood off the eye, cotton bud off the ear to see, hear, and recognize Oyetola, the gem in our midst who has been around long enough in politics to know everything there’s to know; and in politics, Oyetola is in the ringside, the 1st League, a Division 1 player in the state. Unfortunately, the Adeloye perspective only flags a group vendetta, too short on construction, too long on destruction. It’s unwholesome. Money, spinning filthy lucre, ink rage. Or what?

The irreversibility of death! Yes, it is. Adeloye, too short on objectivity, too long on subjectivity, does not know that death from the bank robbery, callous and gory or any security breach for that matter in the state, is stepping on the toe of the APC-Oyetola government, while the government has already swung into action, leaving no stone unturned to uphold the sanctity of human life.

Apart from the Osun APC government resolve to further strengthen, re-organise, re-focus, re-package, re-position and re-launch the state’s security apparatus in the onslaught against insecurity, the police, other security operatives in the state – the barometer of the government to strain gauge the security mood of Osun is on the prowl to keep track of security violation, and perpetrators. The security turn- around will ensure that insecurity or any security infraction, contravention does not happen any further.

The government’s other swift moves also helped practically to calm frayed nerves with the one-on-one visits of the government team to the bereaved families of the bank robbery victims. And the visits were spiritedly complemented by Osun First Lady, the mother of the state, in pensive, sad mood, as she motherly rallied the mourners for fortitude.

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And what more? Humane and sensitive, the groundswell of the APC government felt or took pulse of the Tuesday bank robbery, its pains; and same day, Oyetola substantially trimmed down his last 67th birthday, following Wednesday, placed activities on low tune that also immediately reflected in the number of guests and scope of ceremonies at the birthday bash.

2022 Osun Decides. Count down. Democracy is beautiful, _ceteris paribus_ , with men and women permitted at regular intervals at the poll to either re-evaluate their earlier choice or endorse the popularly endorsed choice. Let not Adeloye, his co-travelers remain stubbornly androcentric in the face of my efforts here, prodding them to the right choice – Oyetola, the man, same man, same choice, the popular choice, the endorsed choice.

Oyetola, tested, trusted and confirmed, is an agent of excellent developments, attracting multiple prosperity to Osun this fast unfolding term; and much more, next dispensation.

Clearly, the Adeloye perspective is borne out of envy; Oyetola’s enviable performances, achievements, third year on in office, attract envy.


The perspective’s spring board.


OLUSESI is Assistant Director, Directorate of Publicity, Research & Strategy All Progressives Congress (APC) State of Osun




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