Celebrating the present, redefining the future

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The Petroleum Training Institute Effurun was established in 1972 by an Act of Parliament No. 37 and amended by Act No 52 of 1975 and later by the PTI Act CAP 16 Laws of the Federation of Nigeria, 2004 to provide competent technological manpower through quality training, research and consultancy for the petroleum and allied industries. Before that time, Nigeria’s oil and gas industry was dominated by foreign technicians; subsequently, and with its inception, PTI has since trained and graduated 25,000 superbly prepared alumni, thereby re-establishing native Nigerian supremacy in fuel development, production, and sustainability.

This year, PTI celebrates its remarkable 50th anniversary, our golden jubilee milestone. Now more than ever, it is time to reflect on the auspicious moments and memories that make this notable institution so unique and special. As an industry leader, PTI has so much to offer and we invite you to join in the reverie as we review where PTI has been, where it is going and just how bright a future lies on its expansive horizon.

While PTI’s campus has evolved greatly since 1972, its core values have remained firm and unchanging: academic excellence, superior skill-based training and unwavering dedication to our students. We offer a rigorous program, historically known for its excellence in Petroleum Engineering, Safety and Environmental Studies, Gas processing, Welding and Offshore Technology, Mechanical, Electrical and Computer Science. We provide an all-encompassing foundation that challenges students to raise their personal bar and make valuable and lasting contributions to today’s oil, gas, and allied industries.

Since 1975, when the classroom doors opened wide, PTI has accepted the awesome responsibility of providing outstanding training of skilled workers for all major refineries and petrochemical plants in Nigeria: Warri refinery and petrochemical company, Kaduna Refinery and petrochemical company, Eleme petrochemical company and the Port-Harcourt refinery. PTI continues to this very day to offer unmatched expert training based on individual and corporate sponsorships. Also, PTI has trained personnel from neighbouring countries like Benin, Ghana and Sao Tome and Principe.

Over the years, the institute has also provided specialised training for and partnered with numerous international oil companies, including the Nigerian Liquified Natural gas company, Bonny LNG, Agip, UNOPS, Shell, Osopadec, Hercules Offshore, Chevron, Brass LNG and other industry-specific businesses of sterling repute. PTI was first and foremost in contributing to the Federal Government Amnesty Programme in skill acquisition training for youths. Always on a quest to create opportunity, our proud institute bridges our country’s intra-industrial gap, shining a bright light on the potential inherent in Nigeria’s manpower and effectively harnessing it to improve cost management, effect on-time delivery, and further our goal of achieving world-class status.

The fast pace of technological development as well as the constantly changing socio-political variables makes the institute imperative and compelling in the industry.

We have taken full advantage of the certification programs by growing the institute to be a benchmark in such specialisations as Welding and Underwater Engineering, Safety Engineering, Drilling Technology, Mud Engineering and most recently Fire academy. Additionally, we have expanded our reach to include customised training for the workers of Nigeria Liquefied Natural Gas, Hercules Offshore, AGIP, The Amnesty Project, the Petroleum Resources Ministry, UNOPS, and a host of others.

Our effective and purposeful training process has been critical to our success and plays an unequivocal role in shaping the future of our industry. For this reason, PTI is extremely well-positioned to align itself with governmental and international oil companies in pursuit of a sustainable economy.

Our students train both part- and full-time, ultimately receiving NBTE accredited National Diploma and Higher National Diploma certificates and are fully prepared to and partner with local and international bodies such as IWCF, NEBOSH, DMT and others to bolster our presence in the oil and gas industry. At PTI, we plan to redefine the future by capitalising on the benefits of our state-of-the-art equipment, which is second to none in the country and includes such innovations as our demonstration rig and flow station, drilling simulators, a PVT Lab for reservoir fluid analysis, automated lathe machines, training compressors, a thermal fluid lab, scanning electron microscope machine, impregnation machine, Abem terametre, Drilling System simulator 6000, spot welding machines, x- welding machines,  distribution control system, SCADA system and more. In short, PTI is prepared to pave the way in contributing to a competitive, profitable Nigerian economy.

Our qualified instructors possess global experience and expertise, and expansive 720-acre campus is fit and ready for ongoing development. We continue to review our curriculum to ensure that it meets advancing industry standards and needs and we are heavily focused on transitioning from our current petroleum-based format to one more adapted to the uses of geothermal energy, carbon capture and sequestration technologies.

In the coming years, PTI will emphasise personalised and mentored learning, including industry-driven projects that will be overseen by industry experts to meet and exceed current academic and economic challenges. We are engaged in mutually beneficial conversations with renowned institutions and intend to participate in student and staff exchange programs in the field of core mandate. We are rapidly moving toward enhanced professional and executive coursework, both virtually and in-person, as we proudly seek to provide the widest possible spectrum of practical, cutting-edge training and development.

With its glorious past, exciting present and promising future. PTI strives to become the gold standard in this much-utilised branch of the energy industry. We strongly encourage those interested in broadening their scope and knowledge base to contact us and discover the training and expertise available here and nowhere else. Join us in celebrating our golden jubilee. PTI: the future is bright indeed.

  • Archibong is a lecturer in the Department of General Studies, Petroleum Training Institute, Effurun, Delta State; 08023217030

Reach the right people at the right time with Nationnewslead. Try and advertise any kind of your business to users online today. Kindly contact us for your advert or publication @ Call or Whatsapp: 08168544205, 07055577376, 09122592273

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