Do you think politics is dirty?

Do you think politics is dirty?

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By Aunty Yemi

Nigeria is in the political season where various activities are geared towards electing new leaders into various political positions. No day would pass without news about the forthcoming general election slated for February and March. So many questions are running in the minds of both young and old Nigerians. Here, some students of MEDMINA COLLEGE, IBADAN, Iyana Ajia, Egbeda, Oyo State speak.


Yazeed Ibrahim

In my perspective, politics is dirty as being portrayed by my country. In my country Nigeria, politics is the number one bad thing to get involved in because basically, all politicians are corrupt. Most of them are not good in politics at all. However, if given the opportunity to run for a position, I would love to go for the position of a Finance Minister unlike other positions because I have special skills in finance which will qualify me as a perfect candidate. In addition to this, I have high hope for this country.

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Arafat Tijani

Actually, politics is not dirty but the people involved in it. As we know, it involves getting and using power in public life and being able to influence decisions that affect the society. So its make up and aim is not dirty but the players involved are the ones making it so because of embezzlement of public funds, bribery and the like. Should I have opportunity to become a politician, I would go for the position of the Minister of Education because the past ministers did not do their jobs as they should.


Ahmad Abdallah

Originating from a locality of low infrastructure development, I have noticed a lot of lack in environmental qualities. If finding solution to the problem mentioned would push me to run for a political position, I would run for the position of a senate. I would go to the senate so as to have a say in the parliament which can positively affect the nation. It is one of the positions that is close to the people being governed. The most important job of a senator is to represent the people. A senator speaks with citizens about problems, concerns or suggestions they have for their district. I would like to fight for legislation that is in the best interest of the average citizen.

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Fatima Abubakar Umar

Politics to me is a dirty game that really needs cleansing in Nigeria and to do that, we need right people on our political seats. Most people in Nigeria believe everything needs to start from the president but for me it is completely different. I feel the president is just a representative of the country who is not in total control of the law.

To me, the law is power that is why if I want to vie for a political seat, I would like to run for the House of Representatives where government is formed, matters of national interest are decided and represent the interests of people.


Sofiyyah Lasisi-Akeem, SSS3

Using my country, Nigeria as a case study, it is very evident that politics is very dirty. The rate at which people are kidnapped and used for rituals at this season when elections are approaching is alarming and this is as a result of power tussle. Politicians go through a lot of immoral and ungodly processes just to get to their desired positions; they waste lives and properties without the thought that the position is an earthly thing. I would never wish to have anything to do with politics but if there an opportunity comes my way, I would like to be the President, who is the overall head in a federal system of government.

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Buba Aliyu Muhammad, SSS 3

The vile nature of the activities of politicians in Nigeria reeks of evil and corruption. The selfish intent of wealth acquisition using the government as a platform for their corrupt two-faced ideologies to shine is bad. This dirty game of who gets what and at any expense remains constant while the masses are at the receiving end. When will the change come? When will that so-called change come to reality? When will Nigeria truly experiace change? It from our poisoned country. This barren wasteland of pain and suffering will remain the or even get worse for true change can ensure that this country’s politics will no longer be a dirty game.



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