Labour Party Condemns NLC’s Illegal Takeover: Calls for Arrest of Joe Ajaero

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……Setting The Records Straight: NLC Planned Instruction Against Democracy, Coup Detat Against LP Leadership, And Joe Ajaero 2027 Presidential Ambitions: Time To Arrest Joe Ajaero is Now By The Police And DSS

(1)The attention of the Leadership of Labour party has been drawn to the invasion of Labour party National Secretariat by some NLC political Terrorists and Criminal Bandit today Wednesday the 20th day of March 2024 where they deliberately carried out wishful damage in contravention to the criminal code under the constitution of the federal Republic of Nigeria

(2) If you rejoice over INJUSTICE Because it FAVOURS You, one Day you shall cry for JUSTICE and it will ELUDE YOU as the law of Camma

(3)The Leadership of Labour Party is worried by the recent developments going on in the Party following the announcement of the date for the National Convention of the Party.

(4)We are worried of the move by the Nigeria Labour Congress, NLC Led by Comrade Ajaero to forcefully takes over the Labour Party which they have done today like a coup detat in order to overthrow our party leadership to hurriedly install their puppets in person of Mrs LADI ILIYA from the North as Ag Chairman and One Kenneth Okwonko as Ag National Secretary in order to pursue his Presidential Ambition in 2027 which can never and shall not be possible in Labour party

(5)The Joe Ajaero led Political Terrorists Organization ( NLC) are aware that there was a leadership tursel in our party which is purely our internal affairs which is before the supreme Court , we then wondered why this haste to pre determined the outcome rather than proceeding to the court to joined as necessary parties

(6) It’s on records that on the 17th of April 2023 the same NLC after the FCT high court on the 5th of April 2023 restrained Bar Julius Abure as National Chairman, invaded our party National Secretariat to pass a vote of confidence on Julius Abure and at the same time referred to Alh Bashiru Lamidi Apapa as illegal National Chairman

(7) The political Terrorist Joe Ajaero said and I quote
“Today, we say enough is enough. Never again will any human being enter here under any guise, under any order. Even if we lose our leadership, we have to meet as trustees of this party to decide the next line of action,”
“For anybody to illegally declare himself either as chairman, secretary or anything, we urge all workers anywhere in the country, where you see such people, arrest them and bring them to us.

(8) Fellow party members, Julius Abure in the exercise of his right appeal the restraining order and on the 6th of March 2024 , the court of Appeal in their opinion set aside the restraining order which as leadership has also been appeal with motion for stay of execution filed before the supreme Court

(9).Joe Ajaero need to urgently explain to Nigerian why he is passing a VOTE OF NO CONFIDENCE AGAINST Julius Abure even NOW that the court of Appeal has lifted the restraining order

(10)Joe Ajaero has penchant for civil disobedience, arrogation of rights and privileges of other citizens to himself because, when a matter is pending before a court and in this case the supreme Court, all parties are to maintain a status quo as decided by the court of Appeal .

(11)We might have Our internal wrangling, which is normal for a growing Party like Ours, but it will then be out of Place for NLC to latch on this and completely destroy the Party and install its puppet as National Chairman of LP Party.

(12)The call for the Picketing and subsequent invasion and destruction of Labour Party National Office is illegal, archaic and not in tandem with modern democracy. Where did the NLC heard in any history of the world that Labour movement pickets a Political Party Office because of the National convention of a political Party.

(13)Our belief is that if there is any score to settle, NLC should have gone to Court and allow due process to take its course rather than coercing political Party to dance to their tunes as if they were dealing with corporate Organization.

(14).The in ordinate call for the resignation of Julius Abure and by NLC and the Former Director General of OBIDATI campaign Organization one Akin Osuntokun’s amounted to asking the devil to prepare dinner for our lord Jesus Christ

(15) Nigerians are aware that this were the same characters who made sure our called to make Labour party a National political party was rebuffed because it suit them as at that time as he has always been conducting himself to be against survival of democracy with a mission to set Nigerians against the Constitutional elected Administration

(16) It’s very obvious now that both Joe Ajaero and Akin Osuntokun’s need mental support and evaluation of their bipolar disorder infection because while we protested against Southernization of Labour party in 2022 when we had the National Chairman, Director General, Deputy Director General, Secretary General, Director of Legal services, Director of Protocols, Accountant and Presidential candidate all from the southern part of Nigeria, the useless accusations from those democracy Assassin was that we were being sponsored by President Bola Ahmed Tinubu.

(17) So Joe Ajaero and Akin Osuntokun’s expect.the party leadership to negotiate what they don’t have since the 2027 is still very much far away by conceeding to their criminal conspiracies and demand

(18)NLC is a movement which by every standard should remain apolitical. There are thousands and one issues that affects Nigerian workers today in which the NLC has failed woefully to fight for.

(19)The set of NLC leadership as we have today is a failure who put elephant on the head and scratch for rats on the grounds. They have left the mandate in which Nigerian workers elected them to perform and seek their selfish personal needs. No wonder none of their demands is been taking seriously today by the people because we have self centered leaders at the helm of affairs

(20)The law is very clear on the formation of Labour Party and those that can be said to be its stakeholders, while we are aware of the Court Judgement that said that NLC is part of those that formed the Party, the Court does not give outright ownership of Labour Party to the NLC.

(21)Contrary to NLC claim, the 20th March 2018 judgment by Justice Gabriel Kolawole does not confer ownership of Labour Party on NLC, but gives right to all Nigerians including workers, women, and all strata of the society to be CO owners of the Party. So NLC should face the job of Labour movement and allow politicians run affairs of politics and if they want to go into politics, let those who have spirit of comradeship takes over the affairs of NLC so that the politicians among NLC Executives will leave the stage to those who can truly fight for the course of the masses.

(22) Labour Party therefore agrees in total with Nigerians who called for non partisanship of Labour movement.that it is best for the leadership of the NLC to be non-partisan.

(23)If they dabble into politics , it erodes their credibility. Once you are in a political Party and then fight for the masses , if the people know that they are in bed with a political party. Then you become a partisan voice. So let NLC served by a credible independent voice.

(24)Today there are avalanche of issues bedeviling our Nation. The hyperinflation, kidnapping, and the recent killings of 16 gallant Nigerian military officers and soldiers in Delta State. NLC has not uttered a single statement condemning attack, but they are rather preoccupied with Picketing a Party Secretarial that is not owing its workers any Salary or engaging in any anti Union activities.

(26)As Leadership of Labour Party we are therefore calling on Ajaero and his co travellers to leave LP for the politicians who were elected to run it while he also gave his labour movement mandate.

(27)The forceful entry of the Labour Party Secretariat by Ajaero and his cohort is criminal, and illegal. We therefore call on the give the Inspector General of Police and the Director General of DSS to arrest Joe Ajaero for Treason over his planned political insurrection against the federal government through a conduct likely to cause breech of peace with his call on students,market women and leaders, thugs and other miscreants to invade the 36 states chapter of Labour party offices which can led to break down of law and order

(28)We are now fully prepared to shed our Blood in defence of our party leadership as all unconventional or Illegal means to hijacked our party leadership against the rule of law shall be met with force for force and this is not a threat.

(29) Lastly in the spirit of self defense. We shall defend our party leadership from been taking over by NLC political Terrorists, we are prepared to dislodged the NLC miscreants from the Party National Secretariat as nobody has monopoly of violence.

I issued this PRESS STATEMENTS in defence of our party leadership

Labour Party is not Federal Government Of Nigeria, we refuse to be cowed.


Dr Comrade Arabambi Abayomi

National Publicity Secretary

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