Nigeria is gasping for breath ― Samson Soyebi

Nigeria is gasping for breath ― Samson Soyebi

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Samson Soyebi, a businessman, serial entrepreneur and CEO of Honeytreat Trade Academy; has urged Nigerians to vote in the upcoming general election towards choosing trustworthy leaders.

He made this clarion call while addressing the salient issues confronting the country at the moment.

As the election approaches, political analysts, stalwarts, and other stakeholders are busy canvassing and working tirelessly for their various candidates to ensure the pendulum swings in their favour. Still, citizens must learn from their past mistakes while ensuring they get it right this time, according to the CEO of Honeytreat Trade Academy.

He said, “This is a very sensitive time, and people have been told numerous lies from time immemorial.

At the inception of this present administration, promises were made, but very little was delivered. Back in 2015, a bag of rice cost about #8000, and a litre of petrol cost about #87 while the naira to the dollar was at the parallel market exchanged at the rate of about #170 naira; today, a bag of rice now costs about #40,000, petrol per litre is now almost hitting #200 and in some places more than that; dollar to naira now exchange at the parallel market for as high as #740. All because leadership failed.

Nigerians play a huge role in this failure when they fail to participate in elections actively. When we fail to participate in an election, those who cannot govern us are elected into leadership positions at the expense of our opportunities.

Furthermore, he noted that when the electorate fails to participate in elections, rigging becomes possible. We are appealing to Nigerians to come out en mass on the 25th of February so their votes will reflect their interest.

Today, we have found ourselves at that crossroad where we determine what happens to us in the next four or eight years.”

There are three to four major candidates on the ballot this year; Nigerians should vote for the most competent among them.

Nigerians must vote for a leader that will guarantee their security, improve their welfare, and improve the economy by creating an enabling environment where Nigerians can display their creativity and succeed without hindrance.

Buttressing his point, he also affirmed that “When the environment is enabling, the creativity of our teeming youthful population can be explored for a possible industrial revolution that will shake Africa and the rest of the world, just like we are seeing in China today.

As such, Nigerians can showcase their ingenuity to the world, leading to massive wealth in our country. I believe the world is waiting for Nigeria. That is why The news all over the world now is about the Nigerian election.

He said that Nigeria is the epic centre of Africa; whatever happens in Nigeria can be felt all over Africa, so we must be careful in choosing who leads us.

“Today, we are the largest market in Africa, and foreigners are taking advantage of our opportunities.”

“Foreigners come here, and within a short period, they are already thriving, whereas the citizens struggle to have three square meals daily. Things are so bad that the Nigerian currency is being hawked on our streets. This is very sad.

“So leadership is critical to what happens to our children and us. My advice to Nigerians is that Nigerians should vote in leaders with the ability to bring stability to our societies, boost our economy, manage our security challenges, reposition our educational deliverables to meet the industry needs as of today, and position, position our judiciary such that there is justice, and finally let governance be about the people, and for the people, and by the people.

“Corruption has hit deep into our societies; we need a leader that will be able to manage the demon called corruption; it has become endemic in every facet of our community, and it has to be tamed. Such a leader must be incorruptible.”

When asked about his expectations and advice to the people in the coming general election, he said, “Looking at what has happened. Nigerians are now presented with another opportunity to determine their political future. This decision will affect every facet of their lives. So, I expect everyone to come out en mass to vote for their candidates so our votes can reflect our interests.

“I believe this election will make a huge difference if we vote right. I am using this medium and opportunity to plead to Nigerians that this is our future; this is our children’s future. We should make this sacrifice not just for ourselves but for generations to come. No matter how challenging things are, everyone with a PVC should come out to vote on Saturday 25th of February, 2023.

“Let them vote their conscience, let them vote their future, let them vote for the future of their children. If they fail to play their civic duty in this election, holding leadership accountable will be difficult. This is our opportunity; Nigerians must take it.

“People should use every means possible to reach out to their family and friends by sensitising them about the importance of participating in an election and how it affects our future. This opportunity must not elude us, looking at the state of Nigeria now. Nigeria is gasping for breath at the moment.

“So, talk to everyone you know. We must rewrite our wrongs,” Soyebi concludes

Reach the right people at the right time with Nationnewslead. Try and advertise any kind of your business to users online today. Kindly contact us for your advert or publication @ Call or Whatsapp: 08168544205, 07055577376, 09122592273

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